Music, Magick and Angels

This is Damon Brand’s free eBook, The Magick of Music and Angels. It’s a gift to me and to you. He writes about using my music with magic. Damon developed the techniques as I worked on the music, and I love what he’s written.

Damon asked me to make it super-clear that you can buy my music and use it in whatever way your heart guides you to. You don’t have to read his book, but if you do, you get idea about deepening the sense of angelic contact.

The main part of the books shows how to use Opening to Archangels with his book, Archangels of Magick, but there are also ideas you can use without buying his book.

You can download the free ebook as a PDF here: MusicMagickAngels


You can find out about Damon’s Archangel book by clicking on this image:


Love, Zanna


music inspired by angels

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