An Echo of Angels – latest news

Hello, my friends. Some quick news. An Echo of Angels is now digital only. I know some of you love CDs, but everything changed quickly. You can stream it, free in many cases, from all the major streaming sites. You can buy and download too.

If you want the CD, sorry! Unfortunately, producing all that plastic costs so much that it’s unsustainable without charging a very high price. I’d rather get rid of the plastic than charge so much.

You’ve all been saying such lovely things about the music from An Echo of Angels this past week. I am so grateful to hear how you’ve responded and shared in this gift from the angels.

Zanna Blaise

4 thoughts on “An Echo of Angels – latest news”

  1. I guess my CD is a collectors item! Is there a recommend way to use this music when doing a working? Just play it in the background and get to it?


    1. I hope so! The CDs are so lovely, but gone for good.

      Yes, I have many ideas to share and I planned to write a blog post all about it in January and even started it, and now it’s almost the end of February. 2017 is the fastest flying year of all time. I’m working on a new album and lots of other wonderful projects and then realized I’ve neglected my lovely listeners. I’ll be back soon. I started writing a blog post but I’m going to see how everybody else has been using it, out on Facebook, and I’ll add those ideas in. But yes you can play it in the background and it might lift you or change the atmosphere. Or you can meditate on every note, or use it during ritual – so many ways. How strange – my entire iTunes collection (tens of thousands of songs) is on shuffle, and Raziel just came on. 🙂


  2. I have checked everyday for the CD on Amazon UK since the release…hoping maybe it will come? It’s not there at moment just the mp3 version. .I’ll keep looking! Thanks x


    1. Bless you, Michelle, for looking! Looks like it never made it there – CD manufacture for indie artists is not working out, I’m afraid – too slow, too expensive. From now on it’s just mp3s. Or FLAC files if you use them – that’s the very highest quality, but they only work on some players. CDBaby let you choose which version you want. ZB


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