My Music


Music So Far

I’ve worked in music for a long time, but always in the background helping other people produce and create. That changed in 2016 with my first release, An Echo of Angels.

There are eleven tracks, inspired by my direct contact with angels. This music was designed to help you connect with a sense of angelic presence.

There’s quite a mix of sounds, with orchestra, choirs, distorted piano, solo cello and a couple of pieces use improvised sax and muted trumpet.

You can download at AmazonCD Baby or iTunes. And if you like what you hear, please give it a review. Thanks so much!

What’s Coming Next?

There’s lots more to come. I’m working on a bunch of different projects. The next album will be another orchestral album, connecting you to the presence of archangels. It’s taken two years to get that read. I’ve also been working on a third album, which is going to sound more like traditional New Age music. (How can something be new and traditional?!?) It’s based around an insight into the way rhythm and frequency can affect your feelings, your mood, and your psychic state, but only when it’s tied to certain chord changes and melodic patterns. It’s got to sound like inspiring music and not just a lot of noise. That’s going to help you get into really deep states of mind, if you want. Or you can just listen to it as music. It will be quite different to the first two albums, slower and more meditative, and as with everything I create here, the music will be inspired and guided by my work with angels.

The first two albums use real instruments played by real people, and real human voices without any synths. The third album will use some synths as well as sampled human performances – this is how I’ve been guided to create the right sounds to enable the angelic connection.

How I Listen

You probably listen to music on your phone or through your stereo system at home, or even a Bluetooth speaker. That’s all OK, and I do that too. But the way I like to listen to music best is with open-back amplified headphones. It’s not the cheapest way to listen, but there’s just no comparison for me.

My Headphones are Sennheiser HD 700s. These are my all-time go-to headphones. They used to cost $1000, and were worth every last cent. Now you can get them for a miniscule fraction of the original price. Bargain of the century. Check them out here.

To get the most out of headphones you need a tiny little amp. I love the old-fashioned valve amps for the warmer sound. This one looks gorgeous – glowing blue and pink – and does the job for a mini price. Have a look here.

love, Zanna