Opening to Archangels

Through the power of inspired music you can make contact with angels. Opening to Archangels was composed and created through my direct contact with the archangels. It can help you to feel their presence.

#1 Best-Seller in Amazon’s New Age category 2018

Every note was played on orchestral instruments or sung by real people. No synths. But it’s unusual music, drawing you into yourself and then opening you to potential contact.

Some melodies were improvised and recorded live, while I was in contact with the archangels, and the strings and horns were recorded to match. The result is quite raw and alive, rather than pure, but it is filled with a magical energy.

You can listen to it as music, or use it to contact archangels, especially during the longer pieces.

I’ll publish posts about the music telling you how it was composed and what it means, over the coming months.

For now you can get the music at Amazon, iTunes and other online stores. I hope you love the music.

Love, Zanna


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music inspired by angels

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