Hear An Echo of Angels

An Echo of Angels has been released and is available all over the world. You can get it via digital download from iTunes or CD Baby and other stores.

This angelic music was inspired by my contact with angels, and was crafted to help you sense the presence of angels. I put my heart and soul into this, and everything I know about music. I’m thrilled it’s finally here, and I hope you can feel the loving energy of the music.

There’s a low price for the album download at CD Baby (but you do need a desktop or laptop to download). Or download from Amazon or  iTunes.

You can hear a couple of previews in these short (very pretty) videos.

– Zanna

Author: zannablaise

I make music that's inspired by direct contact with angels.

22 thoughts on “Hear An Echo of Angels”

  1. As soon I’ve heard the samples I had to get this relaxing angelic compositions even my kids loving the tranquility of them, I do use them for clearing. cleansing healing works but also to just relax with the fam ty so vm for making this publicly avaible worldwide I do hope there’s more coming like this, greetings from a dedicated GOM and now zanna blaise fan too 1 luv 1 light 1 u(s) x


    1. Thank you, Robin. I love when the magic of the music gets through. Beautiful! Yes, there is more to come. I’ve been promising to write some blog posts about the music, but I’m so wrapped up with making music that I never get around to it. Must do that. I’ll get both done soon! I’ve had such a rush of inspiration, there’s a lot of music that’s being recorded now. I can’t wait to share it with you.


  2. Hi Zanna,

    What frequency are you using for the base A? I’ve been listening to a number of things in A=432Hz and have found it to be relaxing and more “complete” for lack of a better word. Adam over at the GoM site said you were aware of that tuning. It fascinates me how music effects energy – have you explored how it affects magick?



    1. Hi Jason. Yes! Small changes are often the way to the most profound effect! I’ve played around with 432 with synth music – for anything else it’s never been practical. With the first album (and the second now in production) my guidance has come from the angels, and there were a few approaches that were unconventional, even quite weird at times, but the tuning never came up – so it was normal A. Which is fascinating. It might come up in the future. I’m still not clear on how it feels for me or how I’d work with it. I’m keeping an open mind and an open ear. 🙂


  3. Oddly enough, the short track of ‘Raziel’ had tears running down my cheeks.

    Very happy that members of GoM haven’t (yet) disappeared! 🙂


    1. Lovely. There are stories I can tell, and will tell – so many tears and amazing moments along this path. Thank you Ross.


    1. Lovely, thanks! The CD is in more demand than the digital downloads! I’m waiting for a proof copy to arrive and then 45 minutes later it should approved for sale. Here’s hoping it arrives today.


  4. Awesome music. Unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The music produces both emotional reactions and physical sensations at times. I hope you will be producing more soon. I feel like I can’t get enough of it. Thank you for sharing it with the world.


    1. That is so kind. I can’t let my ego balloon too much because I called on the angels and felt like I was an interpreter more than a creator. That’s not quite right, but I’m working on description. It took all my creative work and the skills I’ve collected, but the soul of the music came from elsewhere. I get what you mean about the physical and emotional – I feel that too, because it sounds new whenever I hear it, not like something I composed. You’ve given me a lot to smile about today.


  5. Hello! I purchased the album as soon as I saw Adam’s post in GoM. I have your books (Angels of Love, 72 Sigils and Angels of Alchemy co-authored with Damon). I love the music and unfortunately, I seem to have problems downloading as the files were only 3Kb – 8Kb so I couldn’t listen to the whole song. In the meantime, while CDbaby hasn’t resolved it, I am listening to your sample preview on a loop and put me in such a tranquil state.


    1. Thanks for buying it, and so sorry to hear you’ve had a technical problem. We chose CDBaby as they have the fewest tech problems in the world, delivering millions of tracks flawlessly, so if you contact Help they should sort it quickly. Meanwhile, I just bought the album myself to test it after what you said. It worked fine, but I found that even after initial login you can go to the main page, and you’ll see text on the top right saying “Find an order/download” – from there you can log in if you have an account, or just put in your order number if not, and it takes you straight to the download page. From there it’s just one click. It should work! You need to be on a desktop or laptop rather than a phone or tablet (usually) to get this download to work. Let me know if it gets resolved, and badger CDBaby until it works! I’m so pleased you love the music. A tranquil state is what I hope for you!!!


      1. I did manage to get to download the music, oddly enough, through my mobile phone. I had to work through days before Christmas and even on Christmas Eve and Christmas day (with little sleep) and I played (and prayed) this endlessly for the angels to give me the strength and focus (and to keep the worries away) to pull off my delivery to my client. It helped that I got a Harman Kardon Onyx3 Christmas present delivered on the 24th which amplified the music. I can say that what we delivered on Christmas day were made with angels’ help 🙂 I really love the music and I am looking forward to more music from you (and the angels).


    2. cdbaby worked fine for me and I got the music in high quality FLAC and mp3s. Took a few minutes to download but checkout was 30 seconds. I love these tracks. It’s playing now through massive speakers and the rooms vibrating. Thereis something magical about this music and I get spine shivers.


  6. Back in June I wrote to Damon about an incredible experience I had while working with your book, 72 Sigils of Power while listening to orchestra music, a lightning bolt manifested outside my room as I visualised lightning hitting me while working with Veval and Machi. That light flooded through me and you know, it still feels surreal to write about that moment. So, you can imagine how excited I (and many others, believe me) are to discover you’ve released your own musical creation. I’m blown away by the samples, I cannot wait to work further with the GoM books while listening to your CD. Zanna, Thank you.


    1. Wow, that’s an amazing story – I never heard that one. I’m not completely surprised, as you can probably imagine, but that’s lovely and exciting. So pleased you like the samples!!!

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  7. I’m really excited that your music will wind up on compact disc, as this is the format I prefer. I am truly looking forward to purchasing your music. The samples are truly amazing along with the imagery provided. I admire you from The Gallery of Magick along with your fellow authors. You are making magick accessible to everyone. Thank you for your light.

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    1. I’m pleased to say it should only be a few more days for the CDs to be ready to ship. Love that you love the samples. 🙂


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