Music Inspired by Angels

I’ve been working on this for a long time. Over a year ago a new road opened up to me, and I realised that I wanted to create angelic music. I’ve dabbled with this kind of music since I was a teenager, but I never made the commitment to truly create, with all my heart and soul.

When I knew that I simply had to create this music, I sought the help of the angels. I wanted to create music that could help you to sense the angels. And this is the result. It’s taken more time than I imagined possible, and more work than you would ever believe.

The music is not what I expected. I thought it would be gentle piano music, and yeah, there’s some of that. But there are some very grand-sounding tracks, and some that are almost sad. This is to do with the way we perceive angels, and the way we respond to their presence. More on that later. I’m so excited to be sharing my music with you!

The first track on the album is called Raziel (who is one of the great archangels).

7 thoughts on “Music Inspired by Angels”

  1. Hi Zanna, I purchased your album “an echo of angels.” It’s really relaxing. I feel like I have a strong connection to Archangel Raziel. But the song Raziel does not produce the intense vibrations in me , although i feel a strong connection when i listen to “Open to Angels.” What are your thoughts on this?

    Also is there any way I can improve my connection with Raziel? The archangel has come in my dreams too. I tried evoking twice from Damon’s Archangels of Magick book with no physical response from the angel šŸ˜¦ Hope you can provide me some insights.


    1. Hi Viki. Thank you for buying An Echo of Angels. Yes, it can be so different for everybody that tries it out. The most positive messages I get are usually about the Raziel track, but for some people, it’s not there. I think it’s such a huge thing to try to make the music do this, that if it works at all I’m doing something I set out to do, but it’s not as reliable as magic or as predictable. If a track does work for you, stay with that or see how it changes as (if?) you keep listening to Raziel.

      Damon often says no physical response is needed, but with evocation you are looking for more than just a mind-thing, so I see what you’re looking for. But as good as his book is, evocation can take time and it’s really different for each person, and depends on all the other things going on in your life as well as the magic.

      If you get Opening to Archangels, which should be out in a day or two, Damon’s written an ebook showing how to use it with evocation and all the ritual methods in his book. That will be here on the site, free. I hope that will help.

      Love, Zanna

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  2. I love this idea Zanna! I have your book The 72 Sigils of Power and I’m wondering if certain songs can help to empower certain sigils? I would love to ramp up my results and it sounds like a lot of fun to add your angel music into the mix.

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    1. Thanks Lisa, and yes, it can help with the 72 Sigils. The music was designed to open a connection with angels, and although the divine Names in the book are Names of God rather than angels, they are all linked to angels, groups of angels and linked ideas, abilities and attributes. It should make sense when I write about it properly, but if you experiment you might find that any of the music enhances your work with the book. I hope so! I’ll write about all the ways you can use this music in the coming months, on this site.

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