The Music of Angels


What an amazing few days –  you’ve sent me so many stories of angelic connection. When you listen to An Echo of Angels it’s more than music. It’s a gateway to heavenly presence.

Listen to this dramatic sample from the track Pathway.

For something more tranquil, there’s Clearing The Heart

I’ll be writing more about the angels in the weeks to come, showing how you can go deeper with the music to really feel how the angels inspired my work. And how you can know and trust the presence of angels.

With nothing more than the music, many of you have told me that you can sense the angels, and feel that the music makes something happen. There are stories of spontaneous tears, unexpected calm and tranquility and a feeling of safety and love.

I’m overjoyed for you all. Please keep the stories and reviews coming, because it makes my day to hear from you.


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