Deeper into the Echoes – Part 2


More of my thoughts about An Echo of Angels.

In This World

This sounds like the focus is on the solo singer, but the core of the track’s emotion comes from the chord changes, and the voice is there to direct you to those chord changes. The flute directs the music before the voice once again guides us through the chords. This track is about angels being in our world – not remote, not above and beyond, but with us.

Passing Through Light

A very light touch on the piano, over the strings, introduces a minimalist melody. This piano section was recorded in one take, along with all its imperfections. It was completely improvised while in a near-trance state, and is the most direct record of my contact with an angelic presence. I let the angels play through me. What I felt was perfection, purity and love. The strings were re-recorded after the piano, to be more in keeping with the feeling that was produced during the piano recording. Quite an unusual process.

The Harmony of Angels

With many layers of harmonics, the strings sound thin and distorted, until the horns rise up to express the theme. The high strings clarify what’s come before, and the repetitions continue with only slight variations and development. This piece has the contradiction of simultaneous movement and stillness, and it closes as it began. For me it captures the memory of angels, the mystical aftermath that stays with you after contact.

Moments of Peace

This was a strange piece for me, because the piano melody has a stilted, halting quality that I wanted to write out, but I had to trust the inspiration I was gifted. As the piece developed and the strings were recorded, it all made sense. It’s meant to be reminiscent of the peace you can achieve when you know that angels are a part of your life.

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4 thoughts on “Deeper into the Echoes – Part 2”

  1. My dad is 83. He is very deaf so I have to play this loud when I play it for him but he loves this music. An expression of deep peace comes over him and he usually drifts off to sleep while it is playing. He is seriously old school and doesnt know what he is listening to, but this music affects him. He just said: “This is a work of art.”


  2. my God, this IS Good! Tears are still streaming for me, have no idea why? However, I’m noticing stronger contact with Angels through the rituals now!


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