Discover Archangel Music

Music can be a pathway to angelic contact. Opening to Archangels is about allowing the music to open your heart, bringing you closer to the reality of angels.

For my second album, I wanted to reach higher, to call on the archangels. The inspiration I received was so moving, and I have worked to take the emotions, moods, and melodies I was given until they became the music you find here.

Every note was played on orchestral instruments or sung by real people. There are no synths. But it’s unusual music, drawing you into yourself and then opening you to contact.

Opening to Archangels became the #1 Amazon Best-Seller for New Age Music during the pre-order period. For that, I am truly thankful. It’s now available for instant download.

Some melodies were improvised and recorded live, while I was in contact with the archangels, and the strings and horns were recorded to match. The result is quite raw and alive, rather than pure, but it is filled with magical energy.

You can listen to it as music, or use it to contact archangels, especially during the longer pieces.

If you have an interest in practical magic, best-selling author, Damon Brand, has written a free ebook for us all. He talks about angels, music and how to work with them in harmony. If you want to get the most out of Opening to Archangels, his book is a beautiful gateway into the depths of the music. You can read about it on this page: Music, Magick and Angels.

I’ll reveal more about each of the tracks in upcoming posts. I hope you find love, peace and a connection to the archangels through Opening to Archangels.

Love, Zanna




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Author: zannablaise

I make music that's inspired by direct contact with angels.

4 thoughts on “Discover Archangel Music”

  1. Hi! I’d love to purchase your album but I live in Spain and amazon doesn’t take my credit card because “We were unable to process your purchase with your current payment information. Your payment method must be issued by a bank local to the marketplace”. This is odd because I can buy books and other things from them. Is there any other shop where I can get it?
    Peace and light


      1. Hi Zanna!
        I’ve just got it!!!I’m playing it now as background music and it is so beautiful!!!Thank you very much for bringing it to us!!
        Peace and light


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