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For my second album, I wanted to reach higher, to call on the archangels. The inspiration I received was so moving, and I have worked to take the emotions, moods, and melodies I was given until they became the music you find here.

Every note was played on orchestral instruments or sung by real people. There are no synths. But it’s unusual music, drawing you into yourself and then opening you to contact.

Opening to Archangels became the #1 Amazon Best-Seller for New Age Music during the pre-order period. For that, I am truly thankful. It’s now available for instant download.

Some melodies were improvised and recorded live, while I was in contact with the archangels, and the strings and horns were recorded to match. The result is quite raw and alive, rather than pure, but it is filled with magical energy.

You can listen to it as music, or use it to contact archangels, especially during the longer pieces.

If you have an interest in practical magic, best-selling author, Damon Brand, has written a free ebook for us all. He talks about angels, music and how to work with them in harmony. If you want to get the most out of Opening to Archangels, his book is a beautiful gateway into the depths of the music. You can read about it on this page: Music, Magick and Angels.

I hope you find love, peace and a connection to the archangels through Opening to Archangels.

Love, Zanna


10 thoughts on “Discover Archangel Music”

  1. Hi Zanna, I wonder if you could get in touch as I have been wondering about the possibility of eventually creating a workshop where I help transform people’s lives using 72 Sigils of power and possibly your music. I’ve found your material very profound and life transforming and would really like to find a way to spread your work much further to a bigger audience, and receive your blessing for it. I’ve been helping friends informally by telling them how I’ve been using it and I believe I have the bones of a structured session (which also involves visualisation etc) since you or no Gallery of Magick member actually appear in public, yet I have built an audience for a different business before where I taight people, could you or someone get in touch as I’m very keen to chat about this


  2. Conversations with Archangels: Understanding Practical Invocation

    October 2019 – Present: While working with Damon Brand’s “Archangels of Magic” and Zanna Blaise’s “Opening to Archangels; I have been intuitively guided to Play this Music at Bedtime Daily. I fall asleep with the music. This is what occurred during a daytime, a new experience!

    Thanks to everyone that has been sending me physical and spiritual healing vibes. I can feel the power and am very receptive to the benefits. I genuinely appreciate you. Recently reacted and reached out about some detailed spiritual aspects of my life that I seldom discuss. The weeks that followed has revealed and given me clarification regarding some of my fears and worries. Please let Damon and Adam read this too.

    This is a short synopsis of my recent encounters with some Archangels:

    Archangel: We have been with you since before you came into this life cycle and have never abandoned you.

    Self: Why am I not able to feel or sense a constant physical presence around me anymore? Such as feathers rubbing around me when I am cooking or walking outside, knowing that I have the company of beings guarding me?

    Archangel: The fact that you do not feel our presence does not mean that you are abandoned. Others wanted to separate us from you, and you preferred not to honor their request. You performed a ritual that is not acceptable to you. The spoken word resulted in alchemy, and your connection with us has been interrupted.

    Ask Yourself: – How am I able to go through labor and have children with no pains?
    – Why am I able to know, dream and tell many people at work that there was going to be an earthquake at the current location; was openly laughed at one year prior to, and one month prior to – had a repeated dream when the same people taunted you that: “It does not quake here.” Until the earth started shaking and most became believers, others became afraid?
    – How am I able to dream of the death sequence of parents and extended family members knowing who will be the last elderly person to remain, and it has been happening accordingly? (Keeping quiet is the word).
    – How am I able to overcome so much adversity, with no anger or resentment? “How did I let go of fear?”
    – Why am I able to recently dream of the future death sequence of my siblings and myself?
    (This gave me a new perspective of family love – to live happily and purposefully with all. I did not request these; it just happens sometimes). – (Keeping Quiet, please).
    – Ask yourself about so many Why, What and How am I?

    Self: Why have I been so afraid for so many years of people that tried to spiritually harm me?

    Archangel: Fear is a tool that can be used to disarm people.
    “Fear keeps us safe, unless it becomes something that prevents you from enjoying life.”
    (Quote – “Damon Brand: The Greater Words of Power”).

    Self: Please what happened to my Eyesight?

    Archangel: Tell your current Mentor(s) to Educate and Help you with a Gift.

    Self: Why am I allowed to reveal so much about myself lately? I do not talk about myself.

    Archangel: When you meet the right persons, they will understand and help you and you will also be helpful. Everyone knows each other well, and ought to know about you too. It is time to discuss the gifts and acquire knowledge.

    Self: What am I supposed to do now? I was intuitively advised not to open myself up to the interactive social media such as Facebook, etc. Therefore, by choice I missed out on various teachings and group knowledge.

    Archangel: We intuitively advised you not to open yourself to the interactive social media for your own protection; the negativity out there would have been too much for you. It is time to discuss the gifts and acquire knowledge.

    Self: I am Fortunate and so Grateful!

    (Until your recent books, I had no idea what an Invocation or Evocation is and would not have any understanding of what this conversation means. Thank you so much for publishing these books and music. As I stated elsewhere, Your Teachings are a Gift that Keeps Giving)!

    Please everyone, try going to bed (sleeping) while listening to the Archangel Music, you may develop your own amazing experience!


  3. Please is it alright to post a lengthy, amazing experience that I have while working with the “Archangels of Magic” and the “Opening to Archangels” at this site?
    Thanks for your books and Beautiful Music!


    1. Yes. Please note that it can take some time for a posted comment to appear on the page. Zanna does not run this page but she does read the comments when notified, and would be grateful to hear your story and may send a reply for me to post. Sarah Clarke (Admin)


    2. Ms. Clarke:
      Please I want to edit an item that I have posted here.
      What should I do? Please enable and advice. Thanks.


  4. Hi! I’d love to purchase your album but I live in Spain and amazon doesn’t take my credit card because “We were unable to process your purchase with your current payment information. Your payment method must be issued by a bank local to the marketplace”. This is odd because I can buy books and other things from them. Is there any other shop where I can get it?
    Peace and light


      1. Hi Zanna!
        I’ve just got it!!!I’m playing it now as background music and it is so beautiful!!!Thank you very much for bringing it to us!!
        Peace and light


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