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I make music that's inspired by direct contact with angels.

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For my second album, I wanted to reach higher, to call on the archangels. The inspiration I received was so moving, and I have worked to take the emotions, moods, and melodies I was given until they became the music you find here.

Every note was played on orchestral instruments or sung by real people. There are no synths. But it’s unusual music, drawing you into yourself and then opening you to contact.

Opening to Archangels became the #1 Amazon Best-Seller for New Age Music during the pre-order period. For that, I am truly thankful. It’s now available for instant download.

Some melodies were improvised and recorded live, while I was in contact with the archangels, and the strings and horns were recorded to match. The result is quite raw and alive, rather than pure, but it is filled with magical energy.

You can listen to it as music, or use it to contact archangels, especially during the longer pieces.

If you have an interest in practical magic, best-selling author, Damon Brand, has written a free ebook for us all. He talks about angels, music and how to work with them in harmony. If you want to get the most out of Opening to Archangels, his book is a beautiful gateway into the depths of the music. You can read about it on this page: Music, Magick and Angels.

I hope you find love, peace and a connection to the archangels through Opening to Archangels.

Love, Zanna


The Music of Orpaniel

Inspiration! A beautiful thing. Here’s a free track that we recorded for you. It’s called Orpaniel.

Orpaniel is an angel of light who brings healing to your emotions when others have hurt you. Troubled relationships can be made new. I love working with Orpaniel, and that’s how this track came to be.

I’m working on a new album of orchestral music, and it’s grand, dramatic, gentle and peaceful, but while we were in the studio, I was inspired to compose something else. My personal work with Orpaniel led to a rush of inspiration, and I just had to record what came to me. That’s the music you hear on this track.

It’s not as polished as the usual recordings, but it wasn’t meant to be. It’s from the heart.

You can listen to it above or download it here.

I can’t wait to release the new album early next year!!!

– Zanna

You can learn more about the angel Orpaniel in these books.

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Working with Angel Music

You’ve got this angel music, but what do you do with it? Are you meant to pray, sing along or hope for inspiration? When I asked the angels for inspiration, I asked for music that would open you up to sensing angels. That means you can use it any way you like, but here are some ideas that people have tried so far.

Without direct focus.

Nobody wants An Echo of Angels to become elevator music, but lots of people tell me they put it on in the background while working, while resting, or when they just want an angelic atmosphere in the house. Even when guests are around and everybody’s talking! This all works. You should find a lightening of the mood and a warmth amongst people. If you do put it on in the background, sensitive people might be drawn to it – they may ask you what it is, or even seem disturbed, because it’s moving them on a deep level.

To relax and heal.

When somebody is unwell, playing this music is said to bring a great sense of peace. This might not be true for somebody who has a headache, but I hear beautiful stories about people who have been settled into a peaceful state.

With direct focus on the music.

If you want to attempt to sense the presence of angels, you can do this without a specific angel in mind, and without any form of ritual, prayer or preparation. All you do is listen, keeping your mind gently free of thoughts.

While walking.

If you like music while you walk, this music can open your eyes to levels of beauty that you may never have noticed, in the most unlikely places.

When contacting angels directly.

If you use magic, prayer or other methods to connect with angels, this music can help to build the mood for contact. You can listen to one track that gets the emotions going for you, but then use one of the quieter tracks to meditate or make room for an angelic response. Or you might leave it playing the whole time. Sometimes, listening all the way through after you’ve attempted contact can work well. It helps the angelic presence to remain with you, which can be a very light and loving feeling, even though the music is sometimes more dramatic than light.

If you have other ideas, go ahead and use them, because the feeling I got when creating this music is that it is the safest, easiest way to open up to the angelic.

An Echo of Angels – latest news

Hello, my friends. Some quick news. An Echo of Angels is now digital only. I know some of you love CDs, but everything changed quickly. You can stream it, free in many cases, from all the major streaming sites. You can buy and download too.

If you want the CD, sorry! Unfortunately, producing all that plastic costs so much that it’s unsustainable without charging a very high price. I’d rather get rid of the plastic than charge so much.

You’ve all been saying such lovely things about the music from An Echo of Angels this past week. I am so grateful to hear how you’ve responded and shared in this gift from the angels.

Zanna Blaise

Deeper into the Echoes – Part 3

This is the final post in this series, looking at my thoughts about the different tracks on An Echo of Angels.

Between Here and There

This track can come as a bit of a surprise when you’re listening to the whole album, because it starts quite abruptly with the muted trumpet which, although it’s muted is quite loud and breaks through – you can’t ignore it. There are strings in the background, but it’s all about this unrelenting trumpet sound. Music is often about the space between the notes, so this piece was a surprise to me as there’s almost no space – you get that sensation only when the longer notes are held. The rhythm and broken structure is more like jazz than anything New Age, but this track is about remembering who you are, and the way angels can guide you to find out where you lie, between your impressions and expectations and beliefs about yourself, and who you really are under all that.

The Body of Peace

This started out as an off-beat piece of piano melody, that had almost no rhythm. Somewhere along the way it transformed into this piece, with harp accompanying the piano, and occasional percussion. It’s meant to offer that feeling of relief, the relief that is fundamental to a knowledge of angels.

Open to Angels

This piece was also improvised in one session. It took me a long time to get into the right state of mind, to really trust that I was channelling the inspiration. It’s nothing more than a recording of a piano, but that’s been mixed and effected and reverberated until it sounds like something else. This piece closes the album because it’s quite long, and gives you the space to breathe, meditate, contemplate or sit in the presence of an angel.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look into my music. If you like what you hear, please could you give the album a review? You can review on Amazon if you have an account there, wherever you bought there music – and that would mean so much to me. And iTunes reviews make a huge difference. Either would be lovely. Thanks, my friends.- Zanna B.

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The Music of Angels


What an amazing few days –  you’ve sent me so many stories of angelic connection. When you listen to An Echo of Angels it’s more than music. It’s a gateway to heavenly presence.

Listen to this dramatic sample from the track Pathway.

For something more tranquil, there’s Clearing The Heart

I’ll be writing more about the angels in the weeks to come, showing how you can go deeper with the music to really feel how the angels inspired my work. And how you can know and trust the presence of angels.

With nothing more than the music, many of you have told me that you can sense the angels, and feel that the music makes something happen. There are stories of spontaneous tears, unexpected calm and tranquility and a feeling of safety and love.

I’m overjoyed for you all. Please keep the stories and reviews coming, because it makes my day to hear from you.


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Deeper into the Echoes – Part 2


More of my thoughts about An Echo of Angels.

In This World

This sounds like the focus is on the solo singer, but the core of the track’s emotion comes from the chord changes, and the voice is there to direct you to those chord changes. The flute directs the music before the voice once again guides us through the chords. This track is about angels being in our world – not remote, not above and beyond, but with us.

Passing Through Light

A very light touch on the piano, over the strings, introduces a minimalist melody. This piano section was recorded in one take, along with all its imperfections. It was completely improvised while in a near-trance state, and is the most direct record of my contact with an angelic presence. I let the angels play through me. What I felt was perfection, purity and love. The strings were re-recorded after the piano, to be more in keeping with the feeling that was produced during the piano recording. Quite an unusual process.

The Harmony of Angels

With many layers of harmonics, the strings sound thin and distorted, until the horns rise up to express the theme. The high strings clarify what’s come before, and the repetitions continue with only slight variations and development. This piece has the contradiction of simultaneous movement and stillness, and it closes as it began. For me it captures the memory of angels, the mystical aftermath that stays with you after contact.

Moments of Peace

This was a strange piece for me, because the piano melody has a stilted, halting quality that I wanted to write out, but I had to trust the inspiration I was gifted. As the piece developed and the strings were recorded, it all made sense. It’s meant to be reminiscent of the peace you can achieve when you know that angels are a part of your life.

You can read Part 1 here.

Part 3 is here.

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The Angel CD is here. So are the reviews.


The Compact Disc was available for a few weeks, but sadly the high cost of producing all that plastic and paper made it way too expensive. We’re digital only from now on. The quality is just as good!

Reviews have been coming in. Here’s what people have said so far (iTunes US, this website and Facebook):

‘This is a divine work of art.’

‘Tears just flooded down my face listening to Raziel.’

‘This music is absolutely wonderful.’

‘I’m blown away.’

‘Zanna’s music is exquisite.’

‘Awesome music. Unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The music produces both emotional reactions and physical sensations at times.’

‘Zanna’s music takes me to the higher realms without doubt.’

Giving gratitude to all – ZB

Deeper into the Echoes – Part 1

In the next three posts I’ll have a look at what the tracks are all about. And you can listen to short samples of them all. The descriptions were written up by my publicist, based on her interviews with me. I babbled a lot, but she edited it all beautifully, and these sort of make sense now.

And for everybody who’s asked, yes a physical Compact Disc will be available soon. Follow the blog to stay up to date!


The archangel Raziel is called by the choir. The melody is introduced by a solo cello as the strings rise in the background, joined by distant horns. When the choir returns, the name of Raziel is chanted as the brass intensifies. The choir calls out a divine name that sounds like EE-AH-OH-EH: this is one way to say the Name of God. When sung, it is a potent way to reach out to angels, a magical bridge of melody. As the orchestra fades, the theme is restated by the solo cello

Clearing the Heart

High strings introduce the thematic feel of this piece. The alto sax rises up, breaking from the rhythm in improvised and inspired melodic form. The sax takes a backseat as the strings intensify, and the sax returns to state variations on the original theme. This track encourages emotions to rise and lift away, leaving your heart clear.


Intense horns are joined by woodwinds, with pulsing strings adding to the drama. This piece represents the path we walk when we contact angels, and the choir calls out harmonies that hint at the sensation of contact. At times dark, at times uplifting, and closing with harsh percussion, this music was meant to capture the heady (almost overwhelming) sensation of finding a pathway into the presence of an angel.

The Heart Meets the Soul

I was surprised at how mournful the solo cello sounded, but this is where the angels took me. Angelic contact isn’t all about glory and wonder, but the sense of wonder can stir deep sensations of yearning, and a beautifully aching heart. There’s a soft string section in the background, but when it feels like the cello’s finished, solo violin takes the theme to a new level of emotion. The theme never quite resolves and the violin hands back to the cello, and there is a level of confusion and conflict as the heart shudders in the presence of the soul, before an abrupt conclusion that speaks of how fleeting these moments of insight can be.

Part 2 is HERE

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