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Working with Angel Music

You’ve got this angel music, but what do you do with it? Are you meant to pray, sing along or hope for inspiration? When I asked the angels for inspiration, I asked for music that would open you up to sensing angels. That means you can use it any way you like, but here are some ideas that people have tried so far.

Without direct focus.

Nobody wants An Echo of Angels to become elevator music, but lots of people tell me they put it on in the background while working, while resting, or when they just want an angelic atmosphere in the house. Even when guests are around and everybody’s talking! This all works. You should find a lightening of the mood and a warmth amongst people. If you do put it on in the background, sensitive people might be drawn to it – they may ask you what it is, or even seem disturbed, because it’s moving them on a deep level.

To relax and heal.

When somebody is unwell, playing this music is said to bring a great sense of peace. This might not be true for somebody who has a headache, but I hear beautiful stories about people who have been settled into a peaceful state.

With direct focus on the music.

If you want to attempt to sense the presence of angels, you can do this without a specific angel in mind, and without any form of ritual, prayer or preparation. All you do is listen, keeping your mind gently free of thoughts.

While walking.

If you like music while you walk, this music can open your eyes to levels of beauty that you may never have noticed, in the most unlikely places.

When contacting angels directly.

If you use magic, prayer or other methods to connect with angels, this music can help to build the mood for contact. You can listen to one track that gets the emotions going for you, but then use one of the quieter tracks to meditate or make room for an angelic response. Or you might leave it playing the whole time. Sometimes, listening all the way through after you’ve attempted contact can work well. It helps the angelic presence to remain with you, which can be a very light and loving feeling, even though the music is sometimes more dramatic than light.

If you have other ideas, go ahead and use them, because the feeling I got when creating this music is that it is the safest, easiest way to open up to the angelic.