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The Music of Orpaniel

Inspiration! A beautiful thing. Here’s a free track that we recorded for you. It’s called Orpaniel.

Orpaniel is an angel of light who brings healing to your emotions when others have hurt you. Troubled relationships can be made new. I love working with Orpaniel, and that’s how this track came to be.

I’m working on a new album of orchestral music, and it’s grand, dramatic, gentle and peaceful, but while we were in the studio, I was inspired to compose something else. My personal work with Orpaniel led to a rush of inspiration, and I just had to record what came to me. That’s the music you hear on this track.

It’s not as polished as the usual recordings, but it wasn’t meant to be. It’s from the heart.

You can listen to it above or download it here.

I can’t wait to release the new album early next year!!!

– Zanna

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