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Deeper into the Echoes – Part 1

In the next three posts I’ll have a look at what the tracks are all about. And you can listen to short samples of them all. The descriptions were written up by my publicist, based on her interviews with me. I babbled a lot, but she edited it all beautifully, and these sort of make sense now.

And for everybody who’s asked, yes a physical Compact Disc will be available soon. Follow the blog to stay up to date!


The archangel Raziel is called by the choir. The melody is introduced by a solo cello as the strings rise in the background, joined by distant horns. When the choir returns, the name of Raziel is chanted as the brass intensifies. The choir calls out a divine name that sounds like EE-AH-OH-EH: this is one way to say the Name of God. When sung, it is a potent way to reach out to angels, a magical bridge of melody. As the orchestra fades, the theme is restated by the solo cello

Clearing the Heart

High strings introduce the thematic feel of this piece. The alto sax rises up, breaking from the rhythm in improvised and inspired melodic form. The sax takes a backseat as the strings intensify, and the sax returns to state variations on the original theme. This track encourages emotions to rise and lift away, leaving your heart clear.


Intense horns are joined by woodwinds, with pulsing strings adding to the drama. This piece represents the path we walk when we contact angels, and the choir calls out harmonies that hint at the sensation of contact. At times dark, at times uplifting, and closing with harsh percussion, this music was meant to capture the heady (almost overwhelming) sensation of finding a pathway into the presence of an angel.

The Heart Meets the Soul

I was surprised at how mournful the solo cello sounded, but this is where the angels took me. Angelic contact isn’t all about glory and wonder, but the sense of wonder can stir deep sensations of yearning, and a beautifully aching heart. There’s a soft string section in the background, but when it feels like the cello’s finished, solo violin takes the theme to a new level of emotion. The theme never quite resolves and the violin hands back to the cello, and there is a level of confusion and conflict as the heart shudders in the presence of the soul, before an abrupt conclusion that speaks of how fleeting these moments of insight can be.

Part 2 is HERE

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